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Play Battleship Minesweeper online for free!

Classic gaming action to test your skill and powers of logic. We all know how to play. Mark the mine-free squares with a flag and clear the minefield. But be careful... Click on a mine and it’s boom! Game over!

About Battleship Minesweeper

Are you looking for some old-school gaming action?

Well, it doesn’t get any more classic than Minesweeper! This game goes back as long as computer gaming itself and originates back in the 1960’s when computer games were something only the geeks knew about. Anyone who’s ever had a computer has killed hours on Minesweeper!

It’s a simple game, which tests your skill and logic. Just click a square. The number you see will tell you how many mines are in the adjacent squares. Plant a flag in the square you think have mines in them by right clicking, and open the squares you think don’t. Naturally, if you hit a mine, it’ll be game over. Just like in real life.

So stiffen your nerves and stretch your brain. Get ready to take on the minefield here at! Share your high scores with your friends on Facebook. Good luck, budding Admirals!

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