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Play Duck Shooter online for free!

Try out your sharp shooting skills with this new take on an arcade classic! You know the drill, move the crosshair, take aim and pull the trigger... Just don’t let those pesky ducks fly away!

About Duck Shooter

Step right up folks and try your hand at this all new version of an old time arcade classic. Dead aims and sure shots will find themselves right on the mark here with this seriously addictive gaming experience. Just move the crosshair with the keyboard and shoot the ducks before they fly away. If they get away, you lose a life, so stay alert.

The game Duck Shooter started out in the ‘80s when video gaming really began to take off, but the practice goes back as long as hunting with guns. The bonus here is that you don’t need to leave the home and shoot innocent birds in order to have fun!

At, you can hone your skills and practice your aim with this super shooter game. It’s a quack-ing good time for you and your friends!

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