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Play Katana Fruits online for free!

Slice and dice your way through this fun and addictive game classic. Test your skill and reactions by cutting up those pieces of fruit with your samurai sword, just look out for the bombs or it’ll be sayonara!

About Katana Fruits

In the mood for fruit salad? Then why not try it samurai style? In this addictive and fun game here on, you can test your skill and reactions by slicing and dicing your way through a whole host of juicy fruits. Just make sure you avoid the bombs!

Be en garde with your katana to slash through each piece of fruit as it’s thrown in the air. Let it fall and you lose a life. Miss three pieces of fruit and it’s game over. As you level up, more and more fruit is getting thrown up, giving you bonuses when you slice more than one piece at a time. But beware! Hit a bomb and it’s all over. Samurais and bombs don’t mix!

So if you’ve got time to kill, then why not get to grips with the sword handle with Katana Fruits on! Share your high scores on Facebook and get your friends to join in the fun!

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