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Play Reversi online for free!

Reversi is a strategy board game that tests your skills and strategic thinking! Become the dominant player on the board by taking your opponents pieces. It may look simple, but don’t be deceived... It takes ability and forward thinking to win!

About Reversi

Reversi is a strategy board game…

…which dates back to the last part of the nineteenth century. A test of a player’s skill and ability to think strategically, the game challenges your ability to think several moves ahead in order to trap your opponent.

The concept itself is simple. Become the player with the most pieces on the board, by “trapping” your opponent’s pieces and making them yours. But like so many of the simplest things, its simplicity is deceptive, and it takes a strategic mind in order to win. This 8×8 board can soon become a battlefield as both players vie for superiority.

Play against the computer, or a friend, and hone your cerebral skills with this fun version of Reversi here on If you’ve never played before, no problem. It’s simple to pick up, fun to play and remarkably addictive! You’ll become a master in no time…

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