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Play Sweety Memory online for free!

Stretch your brain power and test your memory with this classic card game with a sweet-toothed twist. Easy to pick up and super-addictive! Just match up the sweeties on the cards and level up!

About Sweety Memory

Stretch your brain power and test your memory with this classic card game with a saccharine twist. For all you sweet-toothed gamers out there, you can stretch your grey matter and indulge in the world of candy without it ending with a painful trip to the dentist’s chair.

Sweety Memory is an easy game to pick up, and as addictive as sugar. You’ll find yourself with cards face down on the table. The aim of the game is to match the sweeties on the underside of the cards. As you progress through the levels, you’ll see more and more cards, meaning there’s more for you to memorise.

This is a great game for all ages. If you have a great memory, this is a great way to maintain it. If you’re worried that your memory is fading then fear not, it can be trained! And the best way is by playing games like Sweety Memory here at!

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